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  15 sierpnia, 2021
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Black Medusa

20211 h 35 min

Nada is a young woman leading a double life. During the daytime she’s quiet and reserved, but after dark she dives into the nightlife of Tunis and picks up men. First, she lets them tell their stories – as she doesn’t speak, she acts as a kind of confidante – then beats the hell out of them. When a new colleague, Noura, arrives at her workplace and Nada finds a mythical knife at the home of one of her victims, events are unleashed over which Nada has less and less control.

Reżyser Youssef Chebbi, ismaël
Czas trwania 1 h 35 min
Data wydania 5 lutego 2021
Movie Media
Stan filmu
Movie Rating Not rated
Do tego filmu nie zostały zaimportowane żadne obrazy.
Występują: Nour Hajri, Rym Hayouni
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